Adopt a Nut

The hazelnut is a shrubby plant with male and female flowers that use the wind to pollinate each other, thus avoiding the use of insects. Furthermore, in winter the bees can find a precious source of pollen on these plants; in fact, the male flowers with their golden yellow color and the fuchsia female flowers are ready to provide sustenance to the bees during the coldest days.

But that's not all: its leaves form a perfect habitat for birds and insects such as butterflies, crickets and ladybugs; and even mushrooms have the possibility of proliferating at its feet in autumn.

The hazelnut is a noble, sought-after fruit of great excellence, it is among the most prestigious agricultural products in Italy. Great protagonist in the recipes of the classic Italian pastry, today it is also used by great cooks and by the very famous starred chefs in savory cooking for the creation of excellent dishes. By adopting a hazelnut tree you can give a green and alternative gift while respecting the environment around us, or give yourself a delicious gift!

In our hazelnut grove near Milan you will then be able to choose your plant and realize its productivity by September: in this way you will receive home-made products such as 200gr spreadable cream, 500gr toasted hazelnuts, 500gr grains and the certificate of adoption made just for you.

Greta's nut


How does it work?

In our hazelnut grove on the outskirts of Milan you can choose your hazelnut plant, which will complete its production cycle during the calendar year, and by the second week of September you will be able to harvest its fruits and consequently you will be able to receive our products at home hazelnut-based crafts;
Greta's box contains 1 pack of 200g spreadable cream, a 500g pack of toasted hazelnuts, a 500g pack of chopped hazelnuts and the adoption certificate made for you or whoever you want.

We will also affix a personalized tag to your plant and the position of your hazelnut tree will be indicated in our hazelnut grove with the possibility of visiting it by appointment.

€45 a hazelnut plant.
€80 two hazelnut plants.
€120 three hazelnut trees.

Important: Duration of adoption a crop

The delivery of Greta's box will take place from the first week of October.

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