Where it all began


Our family lovingly cultivates Italian hazelnut plants in the Pavia countryside, using manual gestures that evoke past times. Respecting nature and the territory, we value tradition by working with perseverance and we collect our hazelnuts with care to produce products of excellence.


Naturalness: Our agriculture is sustainable, to preserve soil health, water quality, biodiversity and ecological balance, without compromising food safety and product quality. This is achieved using cultivation techniques that reduce the environmental impact such as manual processing, cutting the grass between the rows or using biological traps. All these are gestures that enhance the ecosystem of our hazelnut grove.
Craftsmanship: Our products are handmade in small quantities and following ancient recipes.
We start from high quality raw material to create sweet cuddles with a taste of the past that makes them unique.
Sustainability: We use a type of packaging that aims to reduce the negative environmental impact through recyclable and biodegradable materials, minimizing the use of plastic. For us it is important to safeguard the environment with sustainable packaging, guaranteeing a green future.


Our hazelnut grove was born in November 2013 with the planting of 400 plants from Piedmont and certified Tonda Gentile Trilobata , the first years are used by the plants to adapt and grow strong and luxuriant; it is in the fifth year of life that the hazelnut grove enters production with small quantities of fruit, up to the tenth year which sees the entry into
production regime. The hazelnut grove is dedicated to our little Greta who, looking from up there, makes this place so magical … It was born


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