Hazelnut flour and hazelnuts enclosed in a handcrafted dough with a crunchy and delicious taste. 250 g. All enclosed in a nice recyclable packaging.


Tonda gentile trilobata hazelnut flour, Hazelnuts, Type 00 flour, Sugar, Butter

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g:

  • 497 kcal
  • protein 8.6 g
  • fat 26.0 gr - saturated 9.4 gr
  • carbohydrates 56 g
  • sugars 18 g
  • salt 0.3 gr

The following allergens may be found in this Product: Gluten, Milk and derivatives, Nuts and derivatives, Nuts and derivatives, Sesame seeds and derivatives.

Conservation method: keep in a cool and dry place.

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