The favors

Greta's hazelnuts represent the excellence of handcrafted products that lend themselves very well to becoming a delicious gastronomic favor for any occasion, recurrence or ceremony such as baptism, first communion, holy confirmation, graduation, wedding, anniversary.

Your guests will be happy to receive an alternative wedding favor with an artisan value and an unmistakable taste that will remain a sweet reminder of the event being celebrated.

Our PON PON are food favors offered in 4 variants, choose our graphics that you like best combined with the tulle pom poms; inside the gastronomic favor you will find a mix of 5 Bubbles or our crunchy milk and dark chocolate spheres with a filling of hazelnut paste and milk or dark chocolate, accompanied by a personalized themed card based on the ceremony. You can enclose your gastronomic favors in the customized Havana box with graphics matching the favors and handwritten name in modern italics.

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