Experiences with Didactics

Le Nocciole di Greta offers various educational proposals aimed at kindergarten and primary school to be able to live an experience in contact with nature.

Coming to the hazelnut grove with your class allows you to experience and learn about what surrounds us and what makes it magical.

The enhancement of the 5 senses and the cyclical nature of time are important characteristics of the activities we carry out in our hazelnut grove.

What we will do?

10.00 Welcome

10.15am Getting to know the hazelnut grove

10.45 am Snack of Le Nocciole di Greta

11.00 am Activities

12.00 Packed lunch

13.00 Activities

14.00 Greetings

Duration: from 10.00 to 14.00

Minimum participants 20

from March 1st to May 31st – from September 15th to November 15th

Any intolerance or allergy must be communicated in advance

In case of bad weather, the field trip will take place inside our warehouse.


The educational activities proposed for kindergartens are designed to experiment through various types of educational workshops, from creative play workshops to manipulation workshops, a new way of getting to know nature and learning its mysteries.


The experience of going to school in the countryside develops children's natural curiosity which leads them to be able to construct fantasies, images, thoughts and knowledge.

Observing the life cycle of plants, understanding their structure, experiencing the importance of chlorophyll photosynthesis, understanding how a fruit is born… this is our open-air school!

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy