Greta's nut

Adopt a Hazel how does it work?

In our hazelnut grove on the outskirts of Milan you can choose your hazelnut plant, which will complete its production cycle during the calendar year , and by the second week of September it will be possible to harvest its fruits and consequently you will be able to receive our hazelnut-based artisan products at home ; Greta's box contains 1 pack of 200g spreadable cream , a 500g pack of toasted hazelnuts , a 500g pack of chopped hazelnuts and the adoption certificate made for you or whoever you want.

We will also affix a personalized tag to your plant and the position of your hazelnut tree will be indicated in our hazelnut grove with the possibility of visiting it by appointment.

€45 a hazelnut plant.
€80 two hazelnut plants.
€120 three hazelnut trees.

Important: Duration of adoption a crop

The delivery of Greta's box will take place from the first week of October.

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